Signed Paperbacks

If you would like a signed paperback copy of Relinquishing Liberty, Unforeseen Heartbeat, and/or Bittersweet Catastrophe please email me at and I will send you an invoice via PayPal.

US residents: 
Relinquishing Liberty and Unforeseen Heartbeat = $17.00 EACH
Bittersweet Catastrophe = $14.00 EACH
All three books = $35.00/SET

(All include shipping and tracking/insurance)

International orders (prices subject to change based on shipping costs):

  • Canada: 1 book = $32.00 (includes shipping)
  • UK: 1 book = $37.00 (includes shipping)
  • Australia: 1 book = $37.00 (includes shipping)
  • Please note: For international orders, the package is shipped at your own risk. Since I have no control over the mail, if it gets lost in transit, I cannot be held responsible for replacing it. I can, however, provide the customs # that will be attached to the package and you'll have to contact USPS if your package goes missing in transit.

All purchases will also include a signed bookmark and postcard! :)

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