Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Bittersweet Catastrophe - Teaser #9

This is the second last teaser before Bittersweet Catastrophe releases on August 18th! It's quickly creeping up on us, so don't forget to add it to your to-read list on Goodreads so that you'll get an automatic reminder on release day!

**Unedited and subject to change**

Seeing her standing before me, swallowed up in my arms, it was surreal to imagine her even being pregnant with twins. How could this tiny woman hold so much life and so much love inside of her? It was seriously mind-boggling. There I was embracing not one, not two, but three lives within the circumference of my arms. And yet, the sudden realization of what was to come from this beautiful being simply washed away every ounce of anxiety and trepidation that I'd been harboring up until this very moment.

You can also add my latest work in progress, Her Greatest Mistake, on Goodreads! This is a standalone contemporary romance novel that will be released before the last book in the Second Chances series. :)

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